How to impress her - 3 tips from girls

How to impress her - 3 tips from girls

After this post about annoying things in men, now it’s time to tell you what the girls said about this one – “How to impress her?”. The responses varied but all of them revolved around the same old fashioned but still very important things like a sense of humor, confidence and gentleman’s behavior. Here are the three tips I’ve found through their answers.

You have to be a confident gentleman with a sense of humor. (Tweet it!)

How to impress her:




  • The first tip is that you have to find out some kind of experience (not material) which is totally new. Or something which she likes but you try to introduce it in a different way. If it’s a new one you have to know that she will love it, or at least won’t scare her. If you do your homework you should know what she likes. The key part here is what she likes, not what you like. Ask her, ask her friends or just improvise but with caution. If you improvise you should know her type and at least the basic preferences she has for happenings in her life.

    You need some ideas – take her to a picnic. Maybe in the livingroom on the floor. (Tweet it!)

  • The second tip is to be genuine with her. If you just want to sleep with her – this blog isn’t for you. But if you want a good relationship and to grow yourself this will help – just be you. Not that creepy guys who stares but doesn’t have the courage to speak with her even for two minutes. Not that infant boy who thinks only for the next prank with his fellas. By genuine I mean not to introduce yourself as someone who you are not. Think about that – if you are lying about your personality, how much time you’ll be able to wear this mask? A week? A month? Just be you. Your better self with some goals in mind. Pursuing the happiness and success. Be a good person for everybody, not only for her. She will notice that – women has this super powers to know if you are not genuine.

  • If you follow these tips from above there is a chance you trying too hard. Don’t do that! Trying too hard is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with a girl. Think about my words and use only that part from the advices that suits you. It is not necessary to do anything but think about that: you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. It’s just impossible. This means that if you want to succeed you should change something in you, something in your behavior, maybe in your style. It is a hard path but this is the one which will change you from boy to man. In a lot of situations the girl of your dreams will notice your efforts to impress her. If these efforts aren’t genuine she will think of you as a creepy or maybe in the best case for the nice guy who can be her best friend. Of course in this case you can’t touch her and your relationship with her is only a wet dream.

You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. (Tweet it!)

I’m sorry guys but if you are this “best friend” the chances to “evolve” into something more are as low as the temperatures in Antarctica. Maybe the last sentence will discourage some of you but don’t forget that you can achieve everything if you work hard for it!

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five most annoying things in a man

5 most annoying things in a man according to women

It’s important for a man to know something about women.

I think the best source in this case are women themselves. Because of that I’ve asked several ladies for their top 5 most annoying things in man. They were eager to help us with this whole exercise. There is nothing magical in the answers but they are things that the majority of men often forget. Read below and think about your behaviour:

  • Overall control in the relationship. The summary of the answers shows that most women don’t like the over-controlling boyfriend. Guys, this is normal. Sometimes we have to be really strong and dominant but not all the time. If there is some kind of danger, then yes – you are the man and you have to do something about it, but thats it. She is a normal human being and you have to respect her. Put boundaries to your over-controlling self. Everything goes better if you both are equal in the relationship.
  • The weak men. This is the second most mentioned answer. Females don’t like weak men and you have to take this into consideration. Find the perfect balance between the macho and the infant boy. Be kind and open the door for her, be a gentleman, not only for her but for all the people around and if there are hard times defend her. This is the simplified version of not being weak. It’s not a physical quality. You can be a bodybuilder with arms like Arnie but still weak from the inside. You should make a plan to grow and follow this plan. Girls likes men with a plan for their life.
  • Don’t be “mr. Know-it-all”! She makes mistakes, but for the sake of your own happiness, don’t correct her in every possible way. Yes, if your life is in danger – of course do what is necessary, but for the small everyday stuff if you do that, it will be like a cold shower in the winter. Making those remarks she will be very annoyed all the time, which could surely lead to a fight. Not a good thing for a healthy relationship. Bonus tip: don’t use expressions like “I know that” when she is exited to tell you a fact about something. This is mr. Know-it-all behavior.
  • All the girls asked, told me that they don’t like excessive jealousy in their relationship. Sometimes it’s healthy to have some jealousy in your relations, but not too much. If you aren’t interested in what she is doing and with who – you are too indifferent but please don’t call or text her all the time just to check if she is with some other guy. If you don’t trust her, maybe she is not the right girl for you.
  • The last one is really obvious but a lot of men don’t comply with it. Don’t stare at other women, don’t try to pick up other women, basically don’t be interested by all means in other women! You wouldn’t feel good if she was eyeing other men on the street, right? Think about the feeling in this exact moment and if you don’t want it for yourself, then don’t do it to her.

Don’t try to pick up other women.

There are a lot of other things that annoy her but if you consider these five and improve your behaviour based on them you will be better than most men.
Have you noticed anything else we can add to this list? If so, add it in the comments bellow.

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First date - 3 things to do to impress her - Dating advice for men

First date - 3 things to do to impress her - Dating advice for men

For a lot of men the main goal with the women on a first date is to get her in the bed.
This is not a bad thing if your lady wants it but if you are one of those guys I’m sorry – this article isn’t for you.

Here I’m talking about your first date with a girl that you really like. The moment when you know that she is your next girlfriend! Maybe… It’s up to you in most cases. For me the best way for that is to build some kind of a relationship with her. To build trust and raise the bar at the beginning. The whole experience will be better because of the connection you two have. I’m not talking about love but just compare the sex in a relationship with one night stands. Yes sometimes the second one is really exiting but third time sex is better than the first one.

I want to share with you some tips about the first date and what to do when you have one.

  • The first thing to do on the first date is even before the date. Dress up nicely! And no it isn’t time for your prom suit. It’s a necessity to have some cool and fashionable clothes for occasions like this in your closet. This doesn’t mean to go shopping right after the date is set. You have to feel these clothes. It is like when you put on you brand new dress shoes and after a few hours you can’t even stay on your feet, because all your life you are wearing sneakers. Please be aware about your style, about your fashion and plan it ahead for the specific occasions. Check out my fashion category for more advices on that. For me the best thing a guy should do is to dress accordingly the happening. I like to wear some oversized or long fit t-shirts on daily bases but when it is time for a theatre or a special dinner it is time for a white shirt and a classy pair of shoes.
  • The second thing is to buy her a flower. This is a little bit oldish for a lot of men, especially the younger ones but all the girls like flowers – remember that! Just spend 5 or 10 bucks on that one flower. You don’t have to give her 101 roses or even a rose. You can ask the shop assistant which flower will last longer. It will be a reminder for the great date long after it. The girls notice stuff like that.
  • And the third one is: Plan your date! Guys, this is crucial! It’s not important what kind of a date you want to have, it just have to be planned in details. You have to know where to take her, it is better to know the place and if it’s possible, to choose the table. It’s better to be a cozy and not so crowded corner. Choose a place with a nice view, nice music, good service and delicious food. And yes, you have to make your research before the special day, if you don’t have a place like this in mind. If you want your date to be different – just do it! Maybe a boat on a lake, or hiking at the near forest, or ice skating. You have a million options here but please choose wisely. If your girl hates cold weather and ice, maybe the skating isn’t the best idea. The last part of this is to plan something special to make her remembers you. Probably she is on demand and you have to be better than all the others on the line. Everyone can take her to a dinner or a cocktail but she will remember the one who make her laugh and lead her to a new and interesting experience. If you prepare well – your date will blow her mind!

Plan a second option for the night. Your first date depends on that! (Tweet it!)

Bonus tip: Plan a second option for the night. Your first date depends on that! If you park in front of your favorite restaurant and the place is burning you have to have a second option, after calling the firefighters of course.

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First date - 3 things to do to impress her - Dating advice for men